Annual Parish Meeting

April 13th, 2023

Annual Parish Meeting 2023 Notice

Saturday, 15 April 2023, 10.30 am
Langar Church of England Primary School
All residents and voluntary organisations are invited to
attend the Annual Parish Meeting.
Reports from organisations are welcome.

Questionnaire regarding crossroads between Barnstone & Langar

February 9th, 2022

Dear Langar and Barnstone Community Member,

Langar School Council, in co-operation with Lucy Paine and James Barlow, have been looking into the road safety issues that we have in the villages.

You may have passed us many of us in the morning as we walk or cycle to school. Lots of us want to travel to school like this as it is good for our health and the environment. It is also good for us to start to do this independently as we get older and prepare for secondary school.

However, lots of us worry about getting across Musters Road; the crossroads between Barnstone and Langar. We know that lots of residents and parents worry about this crossing too.

The local councillors, Neil Clarke and Tina Combellack, share our concerns about the junction and they are really keen to support finding a way to make the crossing and getting to school safer. However, to make things happen we need to collect some information, in part so that whatever might be put in place meets the needs of us all.

So, whether or not you have a school age child, we would really value your answers to a few short questions. Please either reply by e-mail ( or by dropping your completed questionnaire off at Langar School where there will be a box for them.



Large Fire in Langar:

May 21st, 2020

Large fire in Langar, please see attached report and guidance from Nottinghamshire Fire Service.



Roadworks Bulletin – Rushcliffe Area Emergency Temporary Road Closure – Langar

May 11th, 2020

Please find attached temporary road closure in Langar

From 15.00 hours Sunday 10th May 2020

until 17.00 hours Wednesday 13th May 2020

 R19-061 Roadworks Bulletin

Coronavirus Care and Reinforcing the Countryside Code

April 6th, 2020

From Borough Councillor Tina Combellack 5.4.20

 Dogs and Gates

We are fortunate we are able to take our daily exercise in lovely countryside but please be mindful of the comments made by a local resident.


Remember these are hard surfaces on which the vile-virus can sit and wait for you…. and the last person to open the latch may be the one who inadvertently gives you the virus…

It’s suggested to wear or use something disposable to open any gate latch… a small stick then discard it as far from reach as possible, so no-one else then re-uses it,  but do try to protect hands from gate latches and bars, as you will then inevitably touch your face almost immediately afterwards, and we know what that can mean…. and do wash your hands well once you get home regardless!


As of today it’s now being recommended in some (mainly City) Boroughs that dogs be kept on a lead at all times.  Luckily  that’s not yet the case here in Rushcliffe other than in their Park areas However please make sure that your hounds are under control at all times, especially as we have lots of folk out walking / riding & also heavily pregnant sheep adjacent in adjacent fields.

But above all a heartfelt plea from the Faeces Fairies

Please tidy up after your hound, it’s not a bad dog it’s a bad owner who leaves poo where others may (fear to) tread and please don’t then just hang your poo-bag on a tree, gate or stile, or worse throw it into the canal, put it where it belongs, in your own bin or dog bin  “Good Samaritans” are already flat out so please don’t add to their work – thinking the Faeces Fairies will tidy up after you.

Stay safe, enjoy the lovely countryside and please help keep it equally enjoyable for others.