Chairman’s Report 2020-2021

May 6th, 2021

Langar cum Barnstone Parish Council – Chairman’s Report

It has been a very challenging year for everyone around the world.  The wide spread of the coronavirus at the outset of 2020 led to a nationwide lockdown, the closure of schools, businesses, leisure activities, community buildings and play parks.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers throughout the parish that rallied around to provide support and services during this extremely difficult time. Your contributions have been invaluable, and you have truly demonstrated what a fantastic community we live in.

As we approach the end of April 2021, I am optimistic for the future.  The national lockdown appears to be lifting, and we can begin to get back to some sense of normality.

Throughout the year the Parish Council has continued to operate to the best of our ability.  Monthly meetings have been held via video conferencing.

This report focuses on summarising those activities undertaken by the council during the last year.

Council Members

Cllr Jason Hollands resigned in December 2020.  This left two open vacancies on the council.  These vacancies were filled by co-option following interviews in March 2021.  The new members to join the council were Cllrs John Crosby and James Barlow.

Current council members include:

Cllrs, A Bellamy, J Fry, C Harper, T Simpson, N Pulford, K Risk, J Crosby, J Barlow, K Morris


Council Staff

The Parish Council currently employs three part time staff, including the Parish Clerk, Lengthsman and Litter Picker.  I am very grateful for all their hard work over the last year.  It’s a great team.  They work extremely hard to keep our villages, services and administration in good working order.


The Parish Council acts as a consultative body for Rushcliffe Borough and Nottinghamshire County Council’s Planning departments.

Each month, (excepting August), Parishioners have an open invitation to attend Council meetings, to share their opinions on planning and other matters. These open sessions last for fifteen minutes and help to inform councillors on public opinion.

Where the matter relates to planning, the parish is but one voice.  We are not the decision makers, but our comments (along with those of other members of the public) might help to inform it.

Over the last year we have continued to review all local planning applications in the interest of the parish.


The nationwide lockdown has restricted Parish Council income streams during the last year.  This is understandable given that organisations haven’t been able to use the village hall or outdoor sports facilities.  The Parish Council has been working hard to minimise this impact and to ensure we can offer these facilities at the earliest opportunity.

Over recent years the Parish Council formed a Village Hall Development Committee.  This committee continues to make steady progress with existing plans to build a new village hall facility to meet the growing needs of a busy, active, modern community.   During the last year they commissioned surveys to understand community requirements.  They have also been looking at funding streams to support the project.

We have completed the phase 1 re-build of the new children’s play park area in the centre of Barnstone.  I am delighted to report that funding for phase 2 of this exciting project has now been achieved.  This now has the makings of a really wonderful play area for the children of the parish.  I am very grateful for all the work of the Play Park Group and all the generous funding streams that have bought this project to fruition.

The Parish Council has continued to provide the local structure for developing and maintaining public amenities such as our play parks, public spaces, war memorial areas and defibrillator machines.

We are proud to support community groups and events (where possible) to help foster inclusion and goodwill in our community.


I will be stepping down from the Parish Council in May after 4 years’ service. During my time on the council I have learned a great deal about local government, planning and services.  I am very grateful for the support of my fellow Parish Councillors and that of the Borough and County Councillors.

It has been a privilege serving the parish over the years and I wish my successors well in their future endeavours.

Chris Harper

14th April 2021



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