Local Public Transport Review

October 26th, 2018

Dear all,

As part of an ongoing conversation with Nottinghamshire County Council over public transport in this area, representatives from NCC will be meeting with those from Langar, Barnstone, Granby and Sutton over the coming few weeks (date to be decided).

While there seems to be no immediate threat to the 822 service, the following questions/thoughts were raised in a recent communication from NCC:

• Does the commuter service need to be linked to the off peak service
• How valuable are ‘through’ journeys as opposed to the use of connections
• How would you rank the key destinations (and are there others ?) of Nottingham, West Bridgford, Radcliffe, Bingham, Cotgrave, Morrisons,    Aldi, Lidl
• Would it matter if the off peak service went to different destinations on different days
• Would using a smaller vehicle be better
• Having some (or all) journeys ‘on demand’ and booked by phone, email, internet etc..
• Using taxi ‘call-out’ style services
• Re-directing the route of the current 822 service from Cropwell Bishop to Bingham, travelling via Cropwell Butler and Radcliffe, and     providing a circular route centred on Bingham to provide a connecting service for Langar, Barnstone, Granby, Sutton, Orston & Aslockton.

As always, any views you may have on these points or on any other aspect of public transport in this area that you would like us to take to the meeting would be most welcome – the sooner the better.

Please direct any responses to the Parish Clerk – E: langarbarnstoneclerk@gmail.com; T: 01949 860123; 6 Park Road, Barnstone, Nottingham, NG13 9JG

Thank you.

Jeffrey Fry
Langar cum Barnstone Parish Council


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